Omaha's Discount Laundry
Omaha's Descuento de lavandería

EVERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY $1 Double Loader washers and $1 off all large washers!!!!

PARTY, STUDY, DATE, or DO LAUNDRY?  Decisions, Decisions...



How much is your time worth?


The average student spends at least 160 hours per school year doing laundry…



What is Discount Laundry?


A pickup and delivery laundry service designed to make your experience in school less stressful.  We have the experience needed to provide affordable premier laundry service that will allow you the time to focus on more important priorities than sorting clothes, searching for quarters and worrying about wrinkles.


What services does Discount Laundry provide?


ü      Professional wash, dry and fold service that includes pick up and delivery of up to your chosen plan amount of laundry per week for the entire semester. 


ü      Your clothes are individually sorted so you never have to worry about them being mixed up with someone else’s.  An optional inventory list is available and your own Discount Laundry bag ensures all items are returned to you.


ü      Easy payment options to fit your personal needs. We accept Visa, MC, American Express, checks and cash.  You may also change your chosen plan at any time to better suit your needs. 


ü      Peace of mind and study time!


What plans are available?


Plan Type


Semester Price

A- X Light

10 lbs per week (1 avg load/week)

$175/$1.25 per lb

B - Light

15 lbs per week (2 avg loads/week)

$210/$1.15 per lb

C - Regular

20 lbs per week (3-4 avg loads/week)

$294/$1.05 per lb

D - Large

25 lbs per week (5 loads/week)

$350/$1.00 per lb

E – Super

30 lbs per week (6-7 loads/week)

$380/$.95 per lb

One Time Wash

1 time pick up & delivery upon request

$1.45 per lb (10 lb minimum)

·         $1.40 additional charge per pound for each pound over the plan limit

·         Comforters, blankets, pillows, etc. can be cleaned for an additional one time charge.


To sign up for our convenient laundry service or for more information, call or text (402) 990-7192 or email us at

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