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EVERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY $1 Double Loader washers and $1 off all large washers!!!!

Commercial Laundry Service
Discount Laundry Services offers intelligent, best in class solutions to meet your commercial laundry needs. Regardless of which of the below programs you use for your towels, floor mats (including custom), mop heads, blankets, or any other washable items, we’ll pick up your items, wash, dry and fold them, and bring them back to you. Our pick-up and delivery laundry service is fast, convenient, and saves you precious labor hours and utility costs.  Whether you have a few loads or thousands of pounds to wash and dry, let us handle what we do best, laundry, and you concentrate on what you do best.  Our owners have over 15 years experience in Business Process Outsourcing and will work with your team to develop a program that works for your business, clients, and budget.  For information on pricing, or to schedule your first pick up, please call us at (402) 344-4417, or send us an email,

While we can always provide custom options the majority of our customers take advantage of the following programs:

Textile Rental and Cleaning
– If you don’t want to manage inventory or deal with fluctuating costs this is the program for you.  We’ll provide floor mats, mopheads, towels, sheets, etc…  Damaged items are swapped out to ensure you always present the best image to your customers.

Customer Owned Goods (COG)
– If you already have your linens, mats, napkins, etc… we can provide wash, dry, and fold service using these goods.  In addition you can make use of our vendor and mill relationships to lower your costs and increase your options when you need to purchase textile goods.  


Apartment Laundry Service

Too often outsourcing Apartment laundry means most of the grief, headaches, and complaints for half or less of the money.  You sign an arduous contract and in return you get:


·       Old, inefficient equipment.


·       Half baked installations resulting in inefficient equipment performance and unhappy customers


·       A stream of complaints from your tenants that don’t go down until you get involved.


Not with our CleanWash Laundry Management (CLM) equipment division. CLM provides you with the high quality laundry equipment, installation, and service/support that beats your tenant’s expectations while still exceeding your efficiency and profitability needs.



Contact us at 402-344-4417 or  You can also visit us on the web at

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